thrilled that my Sparrowhawk sketches were featured on Springwatch Unsprung last week!
female sparrowhawk sketches
been a while!a year ago I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and a secondary in the lung,so had two operations followed by six months of chemotherapy!I'm still here!I have so far this year decorated another 5ft hare and small leveret for the AONB Cotswold Hare Trail 2018 and will be decorating another hare shortly.I am into my paper cut collage and while I was having chemo I passed the time I was having chemo infusuions by sketching!checkout the galleries!
May 2019.have been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer.secondaries in both lungs.I am tackling this with diet,supplements and off the shelf medication.I am feeling great at present.
I have a picture 'Crane Dance' in the Wildlife Artist of the Year online exhibition curremtly now on
thrilled to have won a very highly commended at the Bath and West and a Bronze at the Wildlife Art Society 2019.currently working on a landscape scraperboard before I launch into some more paper collage!

january 13th evening

the woodcut of my teal and ruff is coming along.I've learnt not to cut my fingers! quite exciting to see what the print will look like once I've finished.getting the consistency of ink on the wood is an art in itself and pressure applied to the paper.we'll see!




March into Spring


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