have recently done three commissions of graphite border terrier portraits,client very pleased with them.each approx. 20"x18"[image id="1
delighted that Green Sea Turtle has been selected for exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy until Nov 29th 2015
green sea turtle

so 2016! a quiet start after a busy run up to this year will be NEWA,TWASI,RWA at the moment .hopefully another Slimbridge exhibition in the future
on radio Bristol all this week at 1.30pm finishing tomorrow 1st April
regular contributor to Radio Bristol weekdays from midday until 2pm with my bird poem on Thursday
thrilled that my Sparrowhawk sketches were featured on Springwatch Unsprung last week!
female sparrowhawk sketches

new venture,paper collage
Little egret in reeds' is currently on exhibition at the Royal West of England academy until end of November
delighted to have decorated a 5ft hare for the Cotswold Hare Trail 2017 starting March 25th mine will be at Gardiner Haskins,Bristol
been a while!a year ago I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and a secondary in the lung,so had two operations followed by six months of chemotherapy!I'm still here!I have so far this year decorated another 5ft hare and small leveret for the AONB Cotswold Hare Trail 2018 and will be decorating another hare shortly.I am into my paper cut collage and while I was having chemo I passed the time I was having chemo infusuions by sketching!checkout the galleries!
May 2019.have been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer.secondaries in both lungs.I am tackling this with diet,supplements and off the shelf medication.I am feeling great at present.
I have a picture 'Crane Dance' in the Wildlife Artist of the Year online exhibition curremtly now on.
I have pictures going to the Bath and West and TWASI this year.
every Friday you can find me at the Just Art Gallery, Tetbury, Glos where I have my own work for sale amongst others



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